Baits from feathers, hair

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Baits from feathers, hair

Bait made from feathers, hair or synthetic materials have their irreplaceable role in spin fishing. These baits have a wide spectrum of use. From jig type flies to large pike streamers, they are a favourite with many a angler.


  • Hauzer's feathers

    Hauzer's feathers, sometimes only called only feathers, are amongst the most effective baits. This is a continuous lead weight, onto which rooster feather of assorted colours have been attached. These are not only effective for salmonides, but they work very well with other predators such as pike, walleye, perch and others.

  • Hauzerovo peří Exklusive
  • Jig flies

    These are tied onto Mustad hooks. These are baits very effective on grayling, trout and perch. It's possible to use these in combination with ultra light spin fishing or fly fishing, where it is especially effective when used as the point fly when nymphing.

  • Jig streamers

    These are effective baits for predators. The movement of natural and synthetic materials is very natural and as you yourselves will see, when correctly retrieved the movement is irresistible. 


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