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Soft baits

As I already mentioned, we all fish, and most of all enjoy spin fishing. Should I go further, our favourites are soft plastic baits. It is the style of spin fishing where the angler is truly able to appreciate the movement of the bait, which can be the equivalent to adrenaline sports, but can be very affordable. Those moments when you can sense the predator gertting ready to pounce on your bait...

Thus we make soft baits so that they primarily satisfy us. This is...



  • Combination baits

    Perfect imitations of the originals with perfect movement. Why shouldn't a bait please the eyes of a fisherman? It's all so easy, no trying to slide it onto the hook, just tie it to your line and fish.

  • Swimbaits

    Swimbaits from 35 to 140mm. The most common baits, which however are among the most perfect. The movement of the baits has been fine tuned to the maximum and the selection of colours is huge.

  • Minnow baits

    An endless selection of minnows from 50 to 120mm

  • Grub baits

    Grubs have been lately unjustly ignored and we are convinced that they belong among the most effective baits out there. That's is why they should have a place in the box of anyone who takes spin fishing seriously.

  • Micro baits

    Looking for crayfish or tadpoles? Nothing is impossible :-) These baits are ideal for ultra light spin fishing, competitive spin fishing and in winter's ice fishing, will keep you very busy.


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