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Swimbaits from 35 to 140mm. The most common baits, which however are among the most perfect. The movement of the baits has been fine tuned to the maximum and the selection of colours is huge.


  • Goby grub 110 and 140 mm

    With a  very fine tail this is an accurate imitation of a goby, large dimensions and many colour variations... These are the main advantages of this bait which predestines it for hunting large predators.

  • Grub 50 a 80 mm

    Perfect tail movement was our main goal with this bait. Perfect looks with an extremely fine tail (only 0,6mm on a 5cm bait) are the main traits of this bait.

  • Jerk Baits 35, 50, 70, 100 a 130 mm

    At first glance they look like ordinary jerk baits in different colour variations, but they differ in a very fine transition from the body into the tail, this guarantee's a very attractive action.

  • Kasandra 100 a 140 mm

    Stiffer baits for the currents, Kasandra really works even in strong currents.

  • Bullhead 65 mm

    A bait with imitates the bullhead, When correctly retrieved it is the perfect weapon for salmonides.


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